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Oil Content Monitor

TD-107 Fluorescence Oil Content Monitor

The TD-107 Fluorescence Oil Content Monitor is the world's only 15ppm bilge alarm that can reliably detect and prevent illegal oil discharge from ship oily water separators. Let the science of Fluorescence Detection Technology solve your oily water separator problems.

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  • Oil Content Monitor Technology

    Fluorescence Technology

    Fluorescence is based on the principle that oil molecules absorb light energy at one specific wavelength and then emit energy at a longer wavelength. Fluorescence Detection Technology allows the monitor to discriminate between molecules of oil and particles of sediment, rust, etc, that plague the proper processing of an oily water separator.

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  • Oil Content Monitor Certification

    Certification & Specifications

    The TD-107 Oil Content Monitor has been fully tested and certified by the USCG as a 5ppm or 15ppm bilge alarm for oily water separators under both IMO MECP 107(49) and IMO MEPC 60(33) resolutions. A universal power supply and configurable wiring allows it to be retrofit to any existing oily water separator.

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  • Oil Content Monitor Maintenance

    Operation & Maintenance

    Minimal maintenance requirements of the TD-107 include cleaning the sample cell with an injectable detergent solution (syringe and solution is provided with the instrument) and replacing the desiccant plug periodically.

    Click on the link below to view a selection of tutorial videos on proper TD-107 maintenance.

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  • Oil Content Monitor Calibration

    Compare Technologies

    The TD-107 Oil Content Monitor has been comprehensively and successfully tested aboard ships by such large organizations as the US Navy, Maersk Lines, and British Petroleum. See head-to-head operational test results of the TD-107 Fluorescence Monitor vs leading Light Scatter monitors.

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  • Data Services

    Shipboard Installation

    The TD-107 is installed with six mounting bolts and a simple ¼ inch sample line and atmospheric drain. Electrical connections are completed using two cables, a signal cable and a power connection to the universal power supply. NAG Marine will provide a drawing package and an engineer for complete installation if desired.

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  • Client Login

    Data Review Features

    The TD-107 features a USB data port for a simple download history of all ppm, alarm, and troubleshooting files. This data can be easily reviewed prior to any port state control inspections to verify corroboration with the ship's oil record book. NAG Marine can also provide a Client Login System to allow customers to store and download the data histories and certificates of their instruments.

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Flow Repair Calibration Supply Validification On-Site

New! TD107 5.0 - The World's Only DNV Clean Design Certified 5ppm Bilge Alarm

Introducing the world's first DNV certified 5ppm Bilge Alarm that meets the environmentally stringent Clean Design Class Notation requirements. The TD-107 5.0 is based on Fluorescence Detection Technology and provides superior accuracy for the critical job of oil pollution. Learn more about the TD-107 5.0

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Welcome to the internet home of the TD-107 Fluorescence Oil Content Monitor. Here you will find detailed information, videos, and photos about fluorescence oil detection technology, oil content monitor maintenance, oil content monitor calibration, and operation of the TD-107 OCM. Learn why Fluorescence Detection Technology is the only reliable way to determine oil content from a marine bilge oily water separator.

Unlike competing light scatter oil content monitors, the fluorescence detection technology of the TD-107 is resistants to false postives created by solids, rust, or other particles found in a typical ship's oily waste holding tank, bilge, or oily water separator. The TD-107 is tuned to ONLY detect the unique wavelength signature of fluorescing oil molecules, thereby allowing the efficent separation of bilge water through the ship's OWS.

NAG Marine is the global sales and service agent of the TD-107 OCM. You can view their other marine products at their USA website located at: